Executive & Leadership Coaching

If you want to tackle the questions you may have been ducking, feel like you’re ready for a big shift, or are willing to take an unvarnished look at how you are showing up as a leader in your company or in your life, Maile should be the first call you make.”

Are you a high achiever that is ready to invest in your career and your professional growth?

Are you an intrepid and curious leader?

Are you the person that makes investment decisions about high impact coaching/consulting leaders to work with your organization?

You’ve come to the right place.  I help senior leaders advance their goals by using curiosity to innovate and lead workplace and team environments that get powerful results.   One of my clients recently told me that when he works with me, it feels like fireworks are going off in his head.   And that is what it is like to work with curiosity and me.  When we engage curiosity it lights up three different parts of our brains.  It opens us up to possibilities, learning, new paths, improved workplaces and relationships; it moves us out of judgement and being right; and it gets to improved personal and business results.

I’m curious to hear what you are thinking about or working on. Please click the button below, send me a note, and I’ll be back in touch to schedule a time and talk about what you want to accomplish.

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