“Being curious can be a game changer in work and in life.”

I’m Maile (My-lee) Topliff.  I’m an executive & leadership coach, an experienced organizational development & human resources consultant, a trusted advisor and speaker.  I have over twenty years of business experience in a corporate setting helping people become stronger leaders, build higher functioning teams, and developing their organizational talent. I have what it takes to help you build practical and pragmatic solutions that align leaders, teams, and individuals to deliver optimal business results. Solutions that create a work environment that brings out the best in people and allows them to do their jobs in the most effective way possible for their companies.

As an experienced C-level executive (Chief Human Resources Officer- CHRO, and Chief Administrative Officer- CAO), organizational development consultant and master certified executive coach, I bring deep curiosity, smarts, and problem solving to help organizations and leaders implement creative solutions to maximize strengths, perform more effectively, address potential derailers and achieve business results.

Curiosity is my differentiator as an authentic leader, business owner, consultant and master coach.  I value how curiosity helps keep one out of judgment, disarms fear, and allows for new ideas, creative solutions and changed relationships.  It is at the core of being an optimistic problem solver – and having a strong practice of “we’ll figure it out.”  That core strength has provided me many opportunities to tackle tough and complex problems and resolve them for my employer or my clients using the depth and breadth of my skills, experience and talent.  It has also made me a life-long learner. I’m an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction.  I stay current on building my professional and personal skills through my network, experiences, and courses.

Companies that I’ve worked for include: AllianceRx Walgreens Prime, Salo LLC, Seabury Group, UnitedHealth Group, Comcast, AT&T Broadband, PFPC (subsidiary of PNC Bank), State Street Global Advisors, and American Express.

I’ve lived and worked in Minnesota, New York, England, Wales, South Carolina and Florida.   I’ve been fortunate to have had global workforce responsibilities during my career that allow me to better support my clients that have global responsibilities.  I’ve also had for profit, and non-profit board experience.

I served as an internal executive and leadership coach throughout most of my in-house career. My professional coach and master coach certifications were granted through the Center for Coaching Certification which is endorsed by the International Coaching Federation, of which I am a member.  I really enjoy working one to one with a leader – supporting them in achieving their goals, building on their strengths, having self-awareness of their potential detailers, and witnessing their achievements and successes.

My Areas of Expertise include:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Organizational Development
  • Human Resources
  • Talent Management
  • Change Management
  • Business Planning
  • Performance Optimization
  • Diversity Initiatives
  • Women in Leadership

I’d love to talk with you and see how I can support you with coaching (or consulting).

How to reach me?

E-mail or the contact form is the preferred and best way to get in touch with me — unless we have already scheduled a time. Generally, messages are responded to within 24 hours during the work week.

Phone: 612-205-4640

Snail Mail:

I love hearing from you! To send me a letter, card, book or a bit of inspiration, please use this address:

Maile Topliff International, LLC
c/o 1555 Selby Ave #534
St. Paul, MN 55104

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