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One-to-One Coaching

I work with leaders like you to get even more powerful results.   I believe that we, as leaders, have an opportunity and a responsibility to positively impact others.   My clients remind me that coaching has helped shape their personal growth, leadership effectiveness, increased their business results and supported successful organizational transformations.  There is power in having the space to dig in and tackle the work that you want to do, and having someone firmly in your corner to support you in doing that, and who will help hold you accountable.

My executive coaching experience, leadership development skills, business and people acumen, along with my international business experience when teamed up with your experience and willingness to do the work, will provide the foundation for our discussions and work. My effectiveness as a coach lies in providing a leadership framework and holding the space for candid discussions, in which we’ll apply deep curiosity, build trust, ask & answer questions that drive thought and results, dismantle barriers and can create an opening for a shift in perspective and approach.

As your coach, I will be your accountability partner for the work that you commit to for yourself. You will shape the course of action. Expect to tap into your own capacity and potential. Expect to create an actionable plan, and receive support as you navigate that plan. Expect to evaluate how you currently show up and how you want to feel and show up. Expect questions that draw out your strengths and provide awareness of potential derailers. Expect game changing answers and moments to emerge. Expect the exploration of new ideas and possibilities. Our focus, work, and examples are from your work, your workplace (organizational culture, dynamics and politics) and your people.

I’ve served as an executive and leadership coach for sixteen years. My Master Coach certification is granted through the Center for Coaching Certification which is endorsed by the International Coaching Federation, of which I am a member. I’ve worked in multiple industry sectors, for Fortune 100 companies, and for a small boutique consulting firm.  If you want to know more about my specific business experience, click here.

I work with a limited number of private* coaching clients. The first step is to make sure that we are a good fit with each other, so if we haven’t yet had a conversation, let’s begin there.

If we have spoken, the packages displayed below are currently available for private clients.  Please choose the one that is the best fit for where you want to begin.

*If you are interested in a corporate engagement, let’s discuss that and what that would look like.

Executive Coaching – 3 month

Includes 8.5 hours of 1:1 coaching and light email support between sessions.

$5100 to pay in full

To pay in three installments of $1785

To see if we’re a fit

Executive Coaching – 6 months

Includes 14 hours of 1:1 coaching and email support between sessions.

$9500 to pay in full

To pay in six installments of $1662.50

To see if we’re a fit

Executive Coaching – 12 months

Includes 30,60 or 90 minute sessions of 1:1 coaching as needed and email/phone support between sessions.

$17875 to pay in full

To pay in twelve installments of $1565

To see if we’re a fit

*There are also strategy sessions available (either coaching or consulting) — in either 90 minutes, half day or full-day sessions.  Please contact me for more details.

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