Executive & Leadership Coaching Testimonials

“Maile met me where I was in my leadership development process, and helped me unpack my vulnerabilities in order to see — and appreciate — my strengths. She understands that this work is an ongoing process, and she is an expert guide with a deep knowledge of helpful tools (such as authors, TED talks, articles and samples) that helped me understand myself better and prepare for several important events. In addition, during the time we worked together, I developed action plans that I am still implementing today – and I am making great progress toward the achievement of my goals. If you are looking for an executive coach to help you break through barriers and get to the next level, I highly recommend working with Maile.” Janine Fugate

Senior Director Marketing & Communications, Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota

“In addition to consulting work, I have also engaged Maile to assist in the personal leadership development of key leaders within our company. As a leadership coach, Maile provides personal assessment tools to help the leader to embrace ‘who they are’, while encouraging them to ‘be all they were created to be’. She is personable, insightful, and candidly realistic in developing leaders. I have seen those that she has coached grow stronger in their awareness of how they are showing up to their colleagues, have a greater understanding of business acumen, and greatly increase their communication skills in both formal and informal settings. These changes have had a ripple effect within their respective organizations. Her strong background in creating and implementing leadership development programs offers her a wealth of experience to draw upon to assist others in creating their personal leadership development plans.”

David Diers

Vice President Technology, Cox Communications

“Maile was able to open my thoughts to new paths of action. Our work together was a mix of professional development along with the support and catalyst of Leadership coaching. The focus was on maximizing the leadership skills I already have, and exploring how I might use those skills differently or more effectively. Throughout the process, I was willing to dig deep into the work, challenge myself, and as a result, I’ve not only become more aware of my impact and influence, I’ve been able to further increase my effectiveness as a leader. I’m better at leading through and navigating with ambiguity and change. In turn, I’ve been providing focused leadership development, increased delegation and clearer accountability for my leadership team. Maile is very easy to talk with, and we have a high trust connection. I learned something new every time we met. If you want to increase your leadership effectiveness, get clear on your leadership brand, improve your working relationships, and get better business results, I would recommend investing in working with Maile.”

Rick Nielsen

Regional Director Engineering, Cox Communications

“I have had the pleasure of working with Maile for many years; early on as a learning and development professional and member of our senior leadership team, and today as a trusted personal advisor.

Maile’s extraordinary skills were integral and contributed directly to a highly successful market integration of a 1,200-member workforce between two divergent cultures and organizational structures. Maile’s engaging personality and ability to quickly establish credibility and develop trusting relationships, allowed her to be accepted and welcomed as she moved throughout the organization, and from team to team.

Today, with more than 25 years of market leadership experience in organizations of all sizes, I continue to engage Maile as my personal development coach and advisor. Her broad business acumen and insightful observations, emotional intelligence and candid feedback have continued to improve my awareness and effectiveness in many facets of my leadership and my daily living.”

Bill Wright

Executive Leader

“Working with Maile has been a great decision for me and my business. She brings deep experience in business, people, and change management strategy to her coaching, but what differentiates her is her curiosity. Not everyday curiosity, but a brand of ‘are you ready to go deep?’ curiosity that gets to the core of who you are, where you hold yourself back, and how to tap into strengths and capacity you didn’t know you had. Maile is all the more credible because she walks her talk–she’s continuously looking at her own life and work through that same big lens.

If you want to tackle the questions you may have been ducking, feel like you’re ready for a big shift, or are willing to take an unvarnished look at how you are showing up as a leader in your company or in your life, Maile should be the first call you make. She has my whole-hearted recommendation.”

Jim Bolton

Owner & President, Ridge Associates

“If encouraging someone to pursue their life’s ambition is an admirable and challenging task, what can be said of the task of helping someone rediscover the path of achieving a dream they had forgotten? Maile found me in a place where I was going through the motions of daily life: content, settled, routine, and steady. I was okay where I was, and couldn’t see anything beyond that. Throughout the course of our sessions, Maile encouraged me to visualize a future without limitations, and the veil of mundane living was lifted. I felt a renewed sense of purpose, and for the first time in a long time, I was dreaming of a bright future again – one that held a unified, passion filled, purpose driven self. Stepping out of that comfort zone into this new world was frightening to say the least. Maile anticipated that and had already started planting seeds of fear conquering action plans. She has been supportive along the way, providing great wisdom, resources, and encouragement. Today, I am well on my way to a successful hybrid business that adds value to small businesses, and provides accounting support to not for profit organizations.

Maile is a woman with an infectiously positive demeanor like a ray of sunshine on a summer day. With conviction and passion she encourages others like a solar flare that lights a fire under stagnant individuals so they can get up and pursue a purpose driven life. Maile is setting the world on fire one person at a time.”

Georgia Dickie

Owner, Adonai Consulting

Consulting Testimonials

“Maile is a charming and engaging organizational design consultant that has done wonders in bringing together a diverse group of employees and establishing a culture of trust while aligning goals around a common organization vision. Her expertise in organizational design was critical in assisting us in establishing a structure that encompasses multiple geographic locations and dispersed workgroups, while leveraging the strengths of the individuals within the team.

Maile has provided extensive team facilitation services for several organizations within our company. Whether it be working with the formation of a new IT leadership team, pushing an established regional Director team to new levels, or aligning a large group of executives from across the country to a common strategic plan, Maile shines. Her outgoing personality allows her to establish a quick connection with the participants while her incredible perception and keen awareness of personal dynamics allow her to hone in swiftly on the needs of the organization. Maile is always prepared and does a great job of setting expectations up front to maximize the benefits of the sessions. I would highly recommend Maile as a facilitator for aligning and addressing complex organizational issues.”

David Diers

Vice President Technology, Cox Communications

“Rarely in my career have I met someone who brings the unique combination of intellectual, interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills that Maile Topliff brings to her consulting practice. Her insight and her commitment to deliver high value to her clients, coupled with her integrity and incredible work ethic earns her a place as a truly gifted Business Consultant.

Maile’s strong business acumen allows her to work well with C Suite clients at the top of the organization as well as leaders throughout the organization. Whether she is serving as their Executive Coach or helping them transform their organizations, she uncovers the real issues that need to be addressed and she designs and implements appropriate strategies to efficiently address the issues. In all cases, her engagements leave the individuals and organizations more capable and more successful then before she arrived.”

Adaire Peterson

Principal & Owner, ACP Leadership Consulting

The Luminance Project – Women’s Leadership Program Testimonials

“During the heat of day to day work, it is very challenging to take a step back and focus on self-development. The Luminance Project focused my time allowing me to research leadership topics and reflect on how I can continue to improve as a leader. The variety of information presented was stellar in ensuring that it hit home with all personality and learning styles. I appreciated that each week’s focus was reinforced during our weekly call and we had open conversations about what we were doing well and where we had tripped in making changes to how we lead based on the topics we covered. There was focus on business care and self-care to provide a balance of individual growth. Maile and Shannon make a great team. They can complete each other’s sentences while encouraging attendees to try new tactics and asking very thought provoking questions. The training is set up to make you a more successful and well-rounded leader, but it is up to you to take the risk and get out of your own way.”



“The Luminance Project brought an awareness for me of what challenges and opportunities women in leadership face, and how to navigate through them. I appreciated the resources that provided multiple perspectives, and the questions that made the topic applicable and real to my situation. I learned and laughed so much through this program that it was deep without being heavy. Today I am much more aware of my presence, and how I show up authentically. I learned tools that increased my confidence, and my belief that I really do belong in this space and that I can make a difference without compromising who I am at my core.”


Business Owner

“I signed up for The Luminance Project based on a friend’s recommendation. Going into the program I had my personal view of leadership and what it took to be a great leader. In the first couple of weeks of the program, I realized how my view was skewed based on my industry. I work in Oil and Gas, a very male dominated industry. I discovered that my opinions of leadership were based on male characteristics.

Throughout the program, I was exposed to many fascinating ideas, thoughts, and facts. The one that resonated with me the most was in order for you to be a great effective leader, you must lead with your true self, be authentic. I also realized how I hindered my career development. For instance, I would not apply for job opportunities unless I met 100% of requirements. My business acumen was based on my department, not the company/industry.

After the program I came away with the knowledge and inspiration to discover what really motivates me, review my leadership style, and to make necessary changes to my career path/development. I have taken on developmental projects, I have presented ideas to the directors in my department, and I have proactively developed the talent in my group. My boss has even commented positively on my transformation. The Luminance Project was an amazing, eye-opening experience. I would recommend it to all women who want to become Effective Leaders.”


Fuels Scheduler

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