Curiosity, Intelligence, and Problem Solving for Leaders & Organizations

I help you build practical and pragmatic solutions that align leaders, teams, and individuals to deliver optimal business results. Solutions that create a work environment that brings out the best in people and allows them to do their jobs in the most effective way possible for their companies.

Are you becoming the Leader You want to become?  

Are you a high achiever that is at an inflection point in your career?

Are you an intrepid and curious leader?

Are you interested in being a more effective leader?

You’ve come to the right place.

I help senior leaders advance their goals by using curiosity to innovate and lead workplace and team environments that get powerful results, all by further tapping into our natural curiosity. Because, when we engage curiosity it lights up three different parts of our brains. It opens us up to possibilities, learning, new paths, and improved workplaces and relationships. It moves us out of judgment and being right and it improves both personal and business results.


(noun) cu·​ ri· ​os·​ i·​ ty  | \ kyu̇r-ē-ˈä-s(ə-)tē \


Desire to know / Inquisitive interest / Interest leading to inquiry 

MAILE (My-lee)


I’m an Executive & Leadership Coach, an experienced Organizational Development & Human Resources Consultant, a Trusted Advisor and Speaker.

I’m Here to help you discover the leader you are truly meant to be.

Curiosity is my differentiator as an authentic leader, business owner, consultant and master coach.  I value how curiosity helps keep one out of judgment, disarms fear, and allows for new ideas, creative solutions and changed relationships.  It is at the core of being an optimistic problem solver. That core strength has provided me many opportunities to resolve tough, complex problems for both my employers and clients.

Learn more about how I HELP YOU USE curiosity in YOUR business AND LIFE

Executive coaching for leaders in search of professional development.

Strategic mentorship for leaders committed to focused growth.

I’m also available for speaking opportunities for your workshop or event. If you would like more information about my speaking topics and availability, we should talk.

I’ve been able to further increase my effectiveness as a leader.

“The focus of my work with Maile was on maximizing the leadership skills I already have, and exploring how I might use those skills differently or more effectively.  I’ve not only become more aware of my impact and influence, I’ve been able to further increase my effectiveness as a leader.  If you want to increase your leadership effectiveness, get clear on your leadership brand, improve your working relationships, and get better business results, I would recommend investing in working with Maile.” 

Rick Nielsen, Director of Technology, CB & Engineering, Cox Communications 

Maile designed and led us on a journey of discovery.

“The opportunity to reflect, stretch, grow, and learn with a group of remarkable women is rare.  I highly recommend Curious Girl™: The Journey, as just that kind of experience. Maile designed and led us on a journey of discovery.  She created an experience that combined the joys of thoughtful, personal reflection with the opportunity to share with and learn from others.  I look forward to the next journey. 

Adaire P. 

I would highly recommend Maile as a facilitator for aligning and addressing complex organizational issues.

“Whether it be working with the formation of a new IT leadership team, pushing an established Regional Director team to new levels, or aligning a large group of Executives from across the country to a common strategic plan, Maile shines.  Her outgoing personality allows her to establish a quick connection with the participants while her incredible perception and keen awareness of personal dynamics allow her to hone in swiftly on the needs of the organization.  I would highly recommend Maile as a facilitator for aligning and addressing complex organizational issues.” 

David Diers, Vice President, Technology, Cox Communications 

...what differentiates her is her curiosity.

“Maile brings deep experience in business, people, and change management strategy to her coaching, but what differentiates her is her curiosity.  Maile is all the more credible because she walks her talk – she’s continuously looking at her own life and work through that same big lens.  If you want to tackle the questions you may have been ducking, feel like you’re ready for a big shift, or are willing to take an unvarnished look at how you are showing up as a leader in your company or in your life, Maile should be the first call you make.” 

Jim Bolton, Owner & President, Ridge Associates 

I highly recommend Curious Girl™: The Journey to anyone who is looking to hear the whispers of their soul.

“When I joined Curious Girl™: The Journey, I knew that it was coming at just the right time for me, but the results that I have had have been amazing.  After spending about four years searching and trying to figure out what it was that I was really looking for in my life, through my work in Curious Girl™: The Journey, I have finally figured it out.  I am now very aware of who the important people in my life are and need to be, what work is important to me to be doing, and where it is I want to head next.  I highly recommend Curious Girl™: The Journey to anyone who is looking to hear the whispers of their soul.” 

Beth T. 

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