“I think, at a child’s birth, that if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


And the good news is that we do get that gift, and it is totally within our control to reignite and engage with it.

Curious Girl™: The Journey is an experience I have crafted and shaped to welcome you in and to support you in the soul work that is key to your dreams and desires.

This virtual adventure for women will evolve and be shaped in part by what each of you bring and invest into this experience. I’ll hold a brave and sacred space for dreaming, playing, imagination, curiosity, and digging deep. I would love to have you be part of this circle of amazing women.

This experience is about rediscovery and healing in the journey, and also by embracing curiosity – a new way of looking at the world.

“The opportunity to reflect, stretch, grow, and learn with a group of remarkable women is rare.  I highly recommend Curious Girl™: The Journey, as just that kind of experience. Maile designed and led us on a journey of discovery.  She created an experience that combined the joys of thoughtful, personal reflection with the opportunity to share with and learn from others.  I look forward to the next journey. 

Adaire P.

Hi! I’m Maile and curiosity is my superpower. For quite some time, while I leveraged curiosity in my work, problem solving, and connecting with people, I didn’t acknowledge its power. The true hero, my natural curiosity, was hidden behind the scenes. Or to borrow from my super power analogy, it was hidden underneath the disguise of everyday life.

rediscovering and reconnecting with my inner curious girl has been a game changer across my whole life.

Curiosity and soul work has been the biggest part of my personal transformation journey. I hope that what I share from my learnings inspires you on your journey. It’s important to note that this work isn’t always easy. While we all may love to bask in the light, there is shadow work to be done, and sometimes difficult conversations and hard work comes out of this path. And each person’s journey is unique to them – so we learn from each other, and then we all need to do our own work, and forge our own path.


(noun) cu·​ ri· ​os·​ i·​ ty \\ ˌkyu̇r-ē-ˈä-s(ə-)tē, ˌkyər-\\


Desire to know / Inquisitive interest / Interest leading to inquiry 

Life first comes calling in a whisper…

Are you listening to the call to be your own hero?

To be the author of your own story?

It’s your journey and your soul’s adventure. And you don’t have to do it alone.

You’re invited to take this leap of faith, to bet on yourself, and to step into the magic and enchantment of Curious Girl™. Your personal journey to reconnect with your curiosity will be shaped by what you bring and invest into this experience.

“Beginning with the invitation, Maile invoked a loving space for us to pull up a spot by the fire and listen deeply: to the brilliant words and scripts that she curated; to each other; and, to the whispers of our souls.  In this space, I was able to reconnect with an aspect of myself that has taken a back seat for a while and I’m learning more and more how to bring her out.” 

Tanya Geisler 

“Through my work in Curious Girl™: The Journey, I gained revelations and convictions that have changed how I try to live day to day: absolute clarity around wanting to work; being okay with uncertainty- very much okay with it; and learning to just try things without knowing the answer ahead of time.  These are the lessons I would like to try and teach my children, and I keep certain phrases and ideas in my mind daily, all learnt from Maile and my fellow travelers.  Most importantly, I enjoy the ongoing journey and can recommend this course to anybody with an open mind, a little curiosity, and willingness to be surprised and challenged.” 

Barbara S. 

“When I joined Curious Girl™: The Journey, I knew that it was coming at just the right time for me, but the results that I have had have been amazing.  After spending about four years searching and trying to figure out what it was that I was really looking for in my life, through my work in Curious Girl™: The Journey, I have finally figured it out.  I am now very aware of who the important people in my life are and need to be, what work is important to me to be doing, and where it is I want to head next.  I highly recommend Curious Girl™: The Journey to anyone who is looking to hear the whispers of their soul.”  

Beth T. 

“Maile is a thoughtful leader and a real force.  She tailor made each segment of the course to meet the needs of each individual participant.  I highly recommend taking this adventure for women who want to connect (or reconnect) with curiosity in their lives- one of the most important forces behind creativity and building sustaining relationships- led by a strong, empathic leader.” 

laurie R.

Curious Girl™: The Journey is a multi-sensory, multimedia experience. This journey includes art, music, words, literature, storytelling, myth, legend, poetry, imagination, play, spirituality, wisdom, photography, writing, and journaling. It is sure to appeal to multi-faceted you.

The focus of this first experience is the journey within- a chance for self-exploration, reflection, and discovery. Think of the ancient spiral and how it symbolizes a universal pattern of growth and evolution. This is the path of walking that spiral within us, and finding new tools and learnings to use on your inward journey.

here are some high-level logistics and scheduling:

  1. The journey is virtual. You can do it from anywhere in the world. (You will want internet access.)
  2. Adventures are made up of a number of components — a video or voice recording, a written narrative, and a series of experiments/ play/ questions/ journal prompts/ quests that support your personal adventure and exploration.
  3. Group calls around the virtual campfire will be held the week following each adventure being sent out.
  4. Calls are recorded and shared with the group, so you can listen afterward if you aren’t able to make it.
  5. Expect a few hours of play/work/exploration each week– including the group call. You will decide and design what that looks like for your life and what you want to shape from this experience.
  6. There is a bonus private Facebook group available during our shared journey. It’s a place to share experiences, questions, and to connect with each other in addition to the group calls.


You design your experience/adventure. The calls and the private Facebook groups are a space to connect, engage and give/get support from the group. Those are potentially enriching experiences — and the biggest value of this program comes from the commitment that you give yourself, and the work that you do for yourself.

“What I love about Maile is her ability to pick up on what I’m saying and to hear things that I may be hiding from myself.  She gently reflects back what she hears me saying to see if I recognize it, too.  She can find a theme running through my comments that I didn’t realize was there.  Going through Curious Girl™: The Journey really helped me to listen to myself and not to judge what I was hearing.  I’m more compassionate with myself as a result of this adventure.” 

Liz L.

Are you ready to embrace your curiosity? Let’s set up a time for you to learn more about Curious Girl™: The Journey.

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